Our Work

Cajun Relief Foundation

The Cajun Relief Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in September 2016 by Rob Gaudet and Melissa Adair who were key organizers behind the Cajun Navy.

The Cajun Navy model they spearheaded proved that citizens acting out of concern for their neighbors could be just as effective at rescue and relief as established top down organizations.

The difference is that the citizen-led Cajun Navy spent $0 dollars. Established relief organizations have large logistical infrastructures.

Rob and Melissa figured out how to engage local citizens using technologies that cost practically nothing by simply leveraging love for our neighbors.

Now, Rob and Melissa are merging citizen-led giving with a technology solution that promises to disrupt how lives are saved and every day needs are met in the future. The effort is called "Crowd Relief".


Rebuild Livingston is a partnership between the church community, business community, civic organizations and public sector and operates the Rebuild Livingston Fund donations to which are tax deductible as a Louisiana licensed 501(c)3 organization. The mission of Rebuild Livingston is to provide recovery services to individuals and families affected by the devastating flood of August 2016





HashParade collaborates with businesses to install HDTV's inside of brick-and-mortar locations to display combined Facebook and Twitter feeds of customers in order to generate social media buzz. Customers receive rewards after they use customized hashtags that promote the business. 

The HashParade team works with clients to develop rewards that are given to customers that take advantage of customized hashtags to spread the word about the business.

HashParade displays encourage social engagement while offering businesses key social metrics and indicators about their customers.


With Crunchy Crummies you can simply order the amounts you want of your favorite yogurt toppings and have them delivered fresh, right to your door.  Whether you crave sweet or salty; candy, fruit or nuts, or simply CHOCOLATE, you can get your favorite food bling cravings satisfied with Crunchy Crummies!


Premier Soccer Center is an indoor sports facility located on Nicholson Drive next to the St. Gabriel Community Center. It serves the soccer needs of Greater Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. The all-season surface is used for camps, leagues and tournaments for youth to adult players.