Cajun Relief promotes Texas musician with flood relief song campaign

As the bustle of the Christmas season descends upon us, it's almost too easy to forget the struggle that some Louisianians are still locked in as flood recovery continues. It's only been a handful of months since devastating flooding washed away home and hearth for many residents of the state, and a concerned musician is aware that there are folks out there that still need help.

Brent Cormier's track GRACE is dedicated to and features lyrics about the people of Louisiana, and the tragic events from which they are still striving to recover. Brent says that song was composed as a tribute to not only the people of South Louisiana, but also to the victims of the Texas Memorial Day Flood of 2015. He says it also is the story of his brother, family and friends.

Brent has launched a GoFundMe campaign with all financial contributions going to families in Acadia that were impacted by the cataclysmic event.

Brent will provide a downloadable mp3 audio file of the track that can be used on multiple audio devices for each donation of $5 or more, along with a personal thank you note. You can donate now at the campaign's GoFundMe page.

Brent Cormier is a songwriter at Jillson Music Publishing and resides in Round Rock, Texas. More of Brent's music is available at his YouTube page.